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AP Human Geography

Whether you're looking for immediate AP Human Geography homework help or want to set up weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online Human Geography tutors who can help.
What does this mean?
What does this mean?

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Pratik A. Tutors AP Human Geography + 34 others
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) - Pilani 2014 - B.E(Hons) ELectrical and Electronics
"I had mentored 3rd year college students in Analog and Digital VLSI design project to work on Cadence software in Oyester Lab..."
Mike A. Tutors AP Human Geography + 33 others
Utah Valley University 2014 - Geology
"I've worked in my school's science tutoring lab and would get questions from all major sciences (biology, chemistry, physics,..."
Jatin M. Tutors AP Human Geography + 61 others
Faculty of Management Studies 2014 - *Math*, Finance, Operation, Marketing
"I have conducted over 1000 online tutoring sessions in math, quantitative for various entrance exams, finance and accounting..."
Grant W. Tutors AP Human Geography + 50 others
Princeton University 2013 - English
"I currently teach in the English Department at Columbia University.  Previously, I tutored writing at Rutgers and was a..."
Michele V. Tutors AP Human Geography + 24 others
Columbia University 2009 - MA, ABD Developmental Psychology
"I hold degrees from Duke University (BS psychology/pre-med) and Columbia University (MA developmental psychology -- ABD..."
Nazir K. Tutors AP Human Geography + 32 others
Harvard University 2006 - English
"In my junior year of college, I created and delivered an ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) curriculum to refugee high school..."
Siddharth M. Tutors AP Human Geography + 70 others
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) - Pilani 2015 - BE (Hons.) Civil Engineering
"Intern, Phyzok Learning Solutions, Mumbai - Involved in hands-on learning and inquiry-based learning for students - Worked..."
Matt B. Tutors AP Human Geography + 16 others
University of Florida 2016 - Finance
"I have been an active tutor since 10th grade, tutoring high school students in various subjects such as: Math, History,..."
Annie W. Tutors AP Human Geography + 30 others
Yale University 2013 - Political Science
"I've been tutoring for the past five years. I started out as an SAT tutor but have since helped many students with academic..."
Mathew J. S. Tutors AP Human Geography + 53 others
University of Notre Dame Law School 2014 - International Business
"I have tutored for 7 years (throughout law school and undergrad) for all of the subjects listed. In undergrad, my students..."
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