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Whether you're looking for immediate Anthropology homework help or want to set up weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online Anthropology tutors who can help.
What does this mean?
What does this mean?

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Juno Y. Tutors Anthropology + 13 others
Stanford University 2011 - Human Biology & Latin American Studies
"Medical student w/ teaching experience in Biology, English, Spanish, Writing, Literature, Study Skills, and College/Graduate..."
Tina G. Tutors Anthropology + 20 others
Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey 2017 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
"I have 5+ years experience in teaching at University level.I have conducted classes for undergraduate students teaching..."
Andrew B. Tutors Anthropology + 23 others
CUNY Graduate Center 2016 - PhD Cultural Anthropology
"As a Doctoral Candidate in Cultural Anthropology, I have course instructed at CUNY Baruch College in New York City and..."
Zaq M. Tutors Anthropology + 54 others
Portland State University 2013 - Psychology, History, English & Writing, ...
"...experience. While at Portland State University studying Psychology & Philosophy, I helped students in high school and those..."
Molly Y. Tutors Anthropology + 22 others
Indiana University 2007 - Elementary Education, Science Education
"I have over 11 years of combined experience in teaching, tutoring, and working with children. I am familiar with K-12 public..."
Mathew J. S. Tutors Anthropology + 52 others
University of Notre Dame Law School 2014 - International Business
"I have tutored for 7 years (throughout law school and undergrad) for all of the subjects listed. In undergrad, my students..."
Talha M. Tutors Anthropology + 42 others
BITS Pilani 2012 - Engg.
"I have an innate passion to teach and share my resources. High school and college math is my forte where students love me for..."
Andrew Q. Tutors Anthropology + 50 others
University of Chicago 2011 - Philosophy
"I first began tutoring eight years ago, and my first full-time teaching position came five years ago. By now, I have taught..."
Hannah G. Tutors Anthropology + 5 others
Stanford University 2013 - MA Sociology; BA Anthropology
"Throughout my undergraduate career, I tutored low-income elementary students one-on-one twice a week through the organization..."
Beth B. Tutors Anthropology + 7 others
University of Washington 2008 - International Studies
"...Chinese speakers have when learning English. I have also taught introductory level courses in Sociology and Anthropology."
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