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Basic Physics Questions:

Calculate the percent error made over one mile of distance by the…

Complete Question Text:

Calculate the percent error made over one mile of distance by the "5 second rule" for estimating the distance from a lightning strike if the temperature is (a) 30 C and (b) 10 C

A cassette player is said to have a signal to noise ratio of 58 dB whereas for a CD player it is 95 dB. What is the ratio of intensities of the signal and the background noise for each device?

A tight guitar string has a frequency of 540 Hz as its third harmonic. What will be its fundamental frequency if it is fingered at a length of only 60% of its original length?

(a) At T = 20 C, how long must an open organ pipe be to have a fundamental frequency of 294 Hz? (b) If this pipe is filled with helium, what is its fundamental frequency?

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Minh T. Tutors Basic Physics + 11 others
Nanyang Technological University 2013 - Physics and Mathematics
"...high school when I trained my juniors for the National Physics Olympiad. During my college I worked part-time as..."
Joshua M. Tutors Basic Physics + 19 others
Stony Brook University 2018 - Mathematics
"...geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, physics, and chemistry, as part of the peer tutoring program at..."
Vishal S. Tutors Basic Physics + 16 others
Southern Methodist University 2010 - Chemistry
"...myself pulled toward science especially in chemistry and physics when I was in high school. It was always fascinating to..."

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