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Chemistry Questions:

Ag2CrO4 (s) <------> 2Ag (aq) + CrO4 (aq) 1. Write Ksp equation 2. If…

Complete Question Text:

Ag2CrO4 (s) <------> 2Ag (aq) + CrO4 (aq)

1. Write Ksp equation
2. If one starts with a solution of 0.100M silver nitrate and it is diluted twice it original volume. What is the new concentration?
3. The dilution of 0.100 M silver nitrate by a factor of 2 is carried out 5 times. What is the concentration now?
4. The value of Ksp of silver chromate is reported to be 1.1 x 10^-12. In a saturated solution of silver chromate, the silver ion is found to be 2.5x10^-4 M. What must the chromate ion concentration be now? Show work

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Asked on March 2, 2014, 2:53 p.m.
Jeffrey C. Tutors Chemistry + 15 others
UC Berkeley 2017 - Bioengineering
"Hey everyone! My name is Jeff, and I am currently a student at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. I have tutored at my..."

Please see attached for solutions. If you need more help, please do ask!

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