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Chemistry Questions:

At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is…

Complete Question Text:

At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.758. H2S(g)=H2(g)+S(g)
Initially, only H2S is present at a pressure of 0.275 atm in a closed container. What is the total pressure in the container at equilibrium?

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Sñ T. Tutors Chemistry + 13 others
HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry 2010 - Chemistry
"As a chemistry teacher I have 5 years of experience with teaching in colleges and coaching in various reputed coaching..."
Philip V. Tutors Chemistry + 14 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011 - Chemistry
" well. I have offered tutoring services in math and chemistry since 2002. In addition to traditional, in-person..."
Sakib A. Tutors Chemistry + 20 others
Emory University 2015 - Chemistry & Applied Mathematics
"...lot of experience. For the most part, I tutor heavily in chemistry & mathematical subjects. Furthermore, I'm a current..."

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