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Computer Science

Whether you're looking for immediate Computer Science homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from HTML to iOS programming.
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Thomas L. Tutors Computer Science + 12 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2016 - Course 6 - Electrical Engineering and Co...
"In high school, I was the captain of my math team and often presented solutions and introduced new mathematical concepts to..."
Alex S. Tutors Computer Science + 27 others
University of Florida None - Computer Engineering
"...from Auburn University in 2013 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Spanish. I graduated with a GPA of..."
Daniel X. Tutors Computer Science + 14 others
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2017 - Computer Science
"...volunteering as an assistant TA for a introduction to computer science course designed for students of computer science. I..."
Reid K. Tutors Computer Science + 1 others
Emory University 2016 - Computer Science, Math and Finance
"...particular success teaching beginner to intermediate Computer Science topics (using Java, C and Assembly) and helping guide..."
Austin R. Tutors Computer Science
UMBC 2016 - Computer Science
"Currently I am a Computer Science TA at UMBC and was also a TA last semester as well. I teach an hour long lab once a week to..."
Rushad H. Tutors Computer Science + 43 others
Georgia Institute of Technology 2014 - Computer Science
"I've tutored students here in university at Georgia Tech and also taught students in high and middle school. I have a wealth..."
Austin O. Tutors Computer Science + 11 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2015 - Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
"...three semesters (twice in Electricity and Magnetism and once in Introduction to Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)."
Utsav T. Tutors Computer Science + 54 others
BITS pilani 2016 - B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science, M.Sc.(Hons...
"I have been studying Mathematics and Computer Science for quite some time now. Appearing for numerous competitive exams..."
Mark H. Tutors Computer Science + 22 others
Carnegie Mellon University 2017 - Mathematics, Computer Science
"I tutor fellow college students in computer science in math. I enjoy teaching people about subjects I know and understand;..."
Anthony W. Tutors Computer Science + 38 others
University of California, San Diego 2016 - Computer Science
"Over the years, I have tutored a variety of subjects including Biology and various Math classes. I was part of my high..."
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