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Whether you're looking for immediate French homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from pronunciation to grammar.
What does this mean?
What does this mean?

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Alice B. Tutors French + 16 others
University of Chicago 2013 - History/English
"During college, I spent a few months as a private French tutor, and I worked as an ESL tutor this past summer. I also taught..."
Anne H. Tutors French + 15 others
UC Berkeley 2003 - Business Administration
"...Writing, Composition I, Composition II, TOEFL Level  *  French - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Fluent)  *  Spanish -..."
Mike K. Tutors French + 43 others
Notre Dame Law School 2014 - Philosophy / Political Science
"Prior to law school, I spent a full year tutoring high school students with a various range of abilities. Both prior and..."
Marcus O. Tutors French + 12 others
Yale University 2009 - French
"...experience. While an undergraduate at Yale I tutored French at the Yale Center for Language Studies. I also have..."
Matthew M. Tutors French + 12 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2014 - Transportation Science
" a second year graduate student at MIT, and bilingual in French and English. I earned my high school diploma from a French..."
Stephen V. Tutors French + 20 others
Vanderbilt University 2017 - Biomedical Engineering
"...and Politics; AP Comparative Government and Politics; French up to introductory college level. If I do not immediately..."
Rowan V. Tutors French + 52 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2012 - Course 17 - Political Science B.S., MA P...
"I have experience tutoring and teaching in both formal and informal settings. I taught math for high-achieving..."
Allison W. Tutors French + 13 others
University of Notre Dame 2013 - Anthropology, French
"I am currently working as an English teaching assistant in French schools, which requires preparing and carrying out English..."
Elle R. Tutors French + 40 others
Yale University 2011 - Urban Studies
"...a tutor for an eleven and thirteen year-old. I tutored in French, Math, Science, History and English Literature for both..."
Jacob C. Tutors French + 5 others
University of Michigan 2015 - Biophysics
"...I have found the challenge to be engaging and stimulating. Usually I have success with these students too judging..."
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