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Whether you're looking for immediate German homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from pronunciation to grammar.
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None of these tutors have actively indicated that they're available right now, but 0 of them are online. To get help right away, Connect With a Tutor , and we'll find a match for you (usually 30 sec or less!).
Kit M. Tutors German + 43 others
Cornell University 1982 - Civil and Environmental Engineering
"I have over 20 years experience tutoring, teaching test prep and writing technical papers. My degrees are in science and..."
Bianca M. Tutors German + 23 others
University of Michigan 2014 - Art History
"...fellow students when I am not in class. I tutor beginning French to high school students and fellow college students. I..."
Nick Z. Tutors German + 7 others
Columbia University in the City of New York 2017 - Computer Science and Statistics
"Although I have only formally tutored another student one time (in algebra - fun stuff!), I have plenty of experience helping..."
Brian G. Tutors German + 15 others
Brown University 2013 - Linguistics, Classics
"...I informally helped friends with their linguistics and language classes. I also tutored Latin senior year of high school."
Dominique F. Tutors German + 11 others
Stanford University 2009 - Biology
"I enjoy pursuing academics and sharing my experiences with others-- I think this comes from an eagerness to share what I..."
Leszek F. Tutors German + 7 others
Forham University 1987 - Philosophy
"...philosophy and theology, religions of the world, English , German, Polish , Latin (all levels) I prepared many students to..."
Sandy K. Tutors German + 76 others
College of Engineering (COEP) 2013 - Electrical and Electronics
"I have been mentoring a group of 5 high school students and helping them in their assignments and projects since their 9th..."
Melanie M. Tutors German + 9 others
University of Southern California 2013 - Secondary English Education
"I have been involved in teaching, tutoring, and mentoring for as long as I can remember - I was always the student that..."
Sam C. Tutors German + 32 others
University of Chicago 2012 - History
"I have helped a number of students dramatically improve their GRE and SAT scores, as well as their essay writing skills. "
Ivan R. Tutors German + 38 others
UC San Diego 2014 - General Biology
"...for their citizenship tests as well as teaching some Spanish. Reading and writing comprehension was also a big topic..."
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