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Whether you're looking for immediate help with Neuroscience or want to set up weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online Biology tutors who can help.
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Elysia S. Tutors Neuroscience + 23 others
Duke University 2015 - Biology/Spanish
"...and adults. I co-taught an SAT prep course and have taught summer camps in science to elementary and middle schoolers. "
Tess B. Tutors Neuroscience + 24 others
Princeton University 2014 - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
" back to high school, when as a senior I tutored biology and matched other Honors Society students with struggling..."
Michael T. Tutors Neuroscience + 25 others
University of Notre Dame 2013 - Biology
"...tutoring fellow classmates in various subjects, especially Biology and Physics. Throughout high school I participated in..."
Anne H. Tutors Neuroscience + 17 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2014 - Biology
"I taught AP Biology for two years and I have also been a tutor in the MIT Biology Department."
Susie Y. Tutors Neuroscience + 43 others
Harvard University 2013 - Molecular and Cellular Biology
" person and over video chat in subjects such as IB-level biology, AP English Language and Literature, AP Biology, and AP..."
Dan W. Tutors Neuroscience + 20 others
Johns Hopkins University 2012 - Public Health (Natural Sciences)
" students algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, Spanish, biology, chemistry, physics, and working on SAT prep. I also..."
Emily L. Tutors Neuroscience + 8 others
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2014 - Biochemistry
"...and mentoring skills. In addition, I tutored students in General Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and General Chemistry."
Tegan F. Tutors Neuroscience + 4 others
Johns Hopkins University 2014 - Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Bio...
"...My area of expertise is in teaching biochemistry and biology, and I also have experience tutoring in biophysics. Guest..."
Tania C. Tutors Neuroscience + 21 others
Johns Hopkins University 2014 - Biology
"I've tutored in high school and informally throughout my undergraduate career. I try to explain and teach difficult concepts..."
Abhishek A. Tutors Neuroscience + 60 others
Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences(BITS),Pilani 2015 - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
"I have taught at a school for 3 years during my summer breaks, coaching students who require summer schooling. I have taught..."
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