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Political Science

Whether you're looking for immediate Political Science homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from public administration to international relations.
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Kevin N. Tutors Political Science + 5 others
University of Michigan 2000 - History
"I am an IB History and TOK teacher with experience also with AP classes. I am certified in the State of Florida and..."
Bianca M. Tutors Political Science + 23 others
University of Michigan 2014 - Art History
"I am a senior college honors student at the University of Michigan majoring in Art History.I will be graduating in Fall 2014..."
Nathaly H. Tutors Political Science + 46 others
University of Notre Dame 2012 - Political Science
"After I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame, I served as the..."
Shelby D. Tutors Political Science + 12 others
Loyola Marymount University 2016 - Political Science, Business
"I have over 8 years of experience in child development, having worked as a nanny, a babysitter, a caregiver at multiple..."
Maritza D. Tutors Political Science + 11 others
Columbia University 2010 - Economics-Political Science
"...tutored my friends and classmates in subjects from political science to resume writing and from history to marketing for..."
Max S. Tutors Political Science + 38 others
Yale University 2017 - Economics & Mathematics
"Throughout high school and college (so far), I've elected to spend most of my free time tutoring students in a whole variety..."
Sindhuri N. Tutors Political Science + 5 others
University of Pennsylvania 2014 - Political Science
" West Philadelphia High School as an English and Social Sciences tutor and class assistant. This was done through the..."
Dionje F. Tutors Political Science + 38 others
Georgia Southern University 2015 - Chemistry/Pre-Med
"I've tutored for Georgia Southern University in the past for approximately a year and a half. The subjects I have tutored in..."
Ginni S. Tutors Political Science + 74 others
BITS Pilani 2016 - Biology and Chemical Engineering
"I have tutored more than 500+ undergraduates and high school students in the last 6 years. I was a tutor throughout my..."
Kim M. Tutors Political Science + 47 others
UoN Law school 2012 - law
"I realize the importance of getting the most reliable person to tutor you,, someone who is exceedingly capable, easy to work..."
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