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Whether you're looking for immediate Psychology homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from neuropsychology to social psychology.
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Michele V. Tutors Psychology + 23 others
Columbia University 2009 - MA, ABD Developmental Psychology
"I hold degrees from Duke University (BS psychology/pre-med) and Columbia University (MA developmental psychology -- ABD..."
Hassan S. Tutors Psychology + 54 others
Concordia University 2016 - Electrical Engineering
"I have three sisters, and I have been tutoring them throughout Highschool. I've tutored a few of my friends in the past too..."
Eric W. Tutors Psychology + 9 others
The Ohio State University 2013 - Cognitive Psychology
"...currently in my third year of teaching Introduction to Psychology at Ohio State University. While I was a graduate..."
Radhika S. Tutors Psychology + 66 others
BITS Pilani 2009 - B.E. (Honors) Electrical and Electronics
"I have been mentoring a group of 5 high school students and helping them in their assignments and projects since their 9th..."
Abel S. Tutors Psychology + 14 others
Wesleyan University 2016 - Biological Chemistry
"To Whomever it may concern: I have several years of experience tutoring various age groups and abilities. I have worked..."
Nick A. Tutors Psychology + 33 others
Penn State 2015 - Linguistics/Psychology
"I have worked as a teacher and a tutor in quite a few capacities, from a general tutor at a Penn State tutoring center..."
Ryan C. Tutors Psychology + 6 others
University of Maryland, College Park 2013 - Psychology & Philosophy
"...four sections (120 students total) of Introduction to Psychology at UMD. I lead discussion sections, grade all..."
Hood C. Tutors Psychology + 19 others
University of California, Berkeley 2015 - Mathematics
"I taught small groups of eighth grade students Algebra I material during school hours and ran a general after-school tutoring..."
Tommy D. Tutors Psychology + 32 others
Princeton University 2009 - History
"I was part of a program instituted to tutor underclassmen, where I would meet with students who needed assistance in a..."
Mike S. Tutors Psychology + 45 others
Carnegie Mellon University 2016 - Economics and Statistics
"I've been a tutor in a high school and throughout college I've always helped my peers with their assignments and any..."
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