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Reach your full potential with an experienced SAT prep tutor. Our SAT tutoring combines video chat, collaboration tools, and the best SAT tutors for an ideal prep experience.
What does this mean?
What does this mean?

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Raj P. Tutors SAT + 49 others
Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley 2008 - Humanities, History, Social Science, Inf...
"I hold master's degrees from Stanford and Harvard, as well as two bachelor's degrees from Berkeley, all in a variety of..."
Rasheedat Z. Tutors SAT + 20 others
Stanford University 2013 - Human Biology
"...skills, test-taking, and adjustment to university life. Interacted with students both in small groups and one-on-one..."
Erin T. Tutors SAT + 22 others
Georgia Tech 2017 - Business Finance
"...tutored in high school for people about to take the SAT, finals, or AP exams. I mainly tutored calculus, biology,..."
Amy C. Tutors SAT + 16 others
University of California, Santa Barbara 2017 - Biochemistry
"...I am currently helping high schoolers prepare to take the SAT. During this time, I am focusing on my studies at..."
Mike K. Tutors SAT + 43 others
Notre Dame Law School 2014 - Philosophy / Political Science
"...and aiding in preparation for standardized tests, including SAT, ACT and LSAT. The latter, I have aided potential law..."
Alan R. Tutors SAT + 26 others
Harvard College 2016 - Human Evolutionary Biology
"...a topic best means that you can engage in a conversation about it with yourself. Memorizing countless details..."
Michael Y. Tutors SAT + 40 others
UC Berkeley 2016 - Business/Computer Science
"I have four year of tutoring background ranging from middle school to highschool students on a variety of subjects such as..."
Michael T. Tutors SAT + 24 others
University of Notre Dame 2013 - Biology
"At university, I always enjoyed tutoring fellow classmates in various subjects, especially Biology and Physics. Throughout..."
Marcus O. Tutors SAT + 12 others
Yale University 2009 - French
"I have 4 years of tutoring experience. While an undergraduate at Yale I tutored French at the Yale Center for Language..."
Rosie L. Tutors SAT + 22 others
Stanford University 2017 - Human Biology; Creative Writing Minor
"- Worked as a paid one-on-one tutor in Honors Chemistry during my junior and senior year of high school - Was Senior Copy..."
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