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Sociology Questions:

In the United States about what share of the population aged sixteen…

Complete Question Text:

In the United States about what share of the population aged sixteen and older is in the paid labor force?

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Zaq M. Tutors Sociology + 54 others
Portland State University 2013 - Psychology, History, English & Writing, ...
"...experience. While at Portland State University studying Psychology & Philosophy, I helped students in high school and those..."
Sara G. Tutors Sociology + 13 others
Rutgers University 2008 - English, Renaissance Studies
"As a Rutgers PhD, I've had extensive experience both leading seminars and working one-on-one with undergraduate students. In..."
Catherine H. Tutors Sociology + 17 others
Johns Hopkins University 2016 - Neuroscience, French
"I am currently working at a Mathnasium tutoring center where my main tutoring focus is Geometry, but I do teach all K-12..."

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