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Whether you're looking for immediate Spanish homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from pronunciation to grammar.
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Oscar P. Tutors Spanish + 31 others
The University of Texas at Austin 2013 - Mathematics
"...have experience proofreading essays in both English and Spanish. I am a native speaker of Spanish and have some..."
Jeffrey R. Tutors Spanish + 15 others
University of Virginia 2014 - Spanish and Global Public Health
"I have extensive Spanish tutoring experience ranging from introductory middle school Spanish (Spanish I) to intermediate..."
Sam C. Tutors Spanish + 32 others
University of Chicago 2012 - History
"I have helped a number of students dramatically improve their GRE and SAT scores, as well as their essay writing skills. "
Kristen T. Tutors Spanish + 25 others
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2013 - English (with a minor in Spanish)
"...2013 with my Bachelors degree in English and a minor in Spanish, summa cum laude (the top 1% of my class) from the..."
Dixon L. Tutors Spanish + 33 others
Princeton University 2014 - English
"...Course on Alfred Hitchcock. In High School, I tutored Spanish and French as well as English Literature and AP US and..."
Clayton C. Tutors Spanish + 3 others
Saint Louis University 2010 - Spanish, Music, Theology
"I am currently a full-time Spanish teacher in Santa Monica, CA, teaching Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 (AP Language) and 5 (AP..."
Yana K. Tutors Spanish + 20 others
University of Pennsylvania, Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business 2018 - International Studies and Economics
"...and teaching experience is chiefly in the field of Spanish. I have been studying Spanish language myself for the..."
Shawn M. Tutors Spanish + 4 others
Northwestern 2013 - Theatre and Spanish
"I first tutored Spanish in high school, helping my classmates with their homework as a member of the Spanish Honor Society..."
Emilia T. Tutors Spanish + 24 others
Emory University 2016 - Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies/W...
"...I began helping my peers after school in Social Studies, Spanish, English, and Math. Later, at the age of 16, I began..."
Albert F. Tutors Spanish + 20 others
Princeton University 2011 - Neuroscience
"...experience from helping classmates studying for the AP Spanish Language exam. I answered any questions these classmates..."
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