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Whether you're looking for immediate Statistics homework help or weekly tutoring, InstaEDU has online tutors who can help you study everything from p-values to t-tests.
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Calvin C. Tutors Statistics + 25 others
Duke University 2016 - Computer Science
"...Also have a younger brother that I tutor. In the summers I teach english and math in my hometown as well as in Taiwan."
Cassidy E. Tutors Statistics + 9 others
Stanford University 2016 - Economics
"...English, Writing, and History. From 2012-2013 I served as a math teacher at a local elementary school for their after school..."
Nishanth B. Tutors Statistics + 4 others
University of Osmania 2010 - Database,Statistics, MS Excel,GMAT
"...a good touch with Hypothesis Tests, Probability, Normal Distributions, Random variables & more.. Had 3 Yrs 6 Mnths..."
Jenna D. Tutors Statistics + 51 others
Princeton University 2013 - Sociology/History
"Will complete a Masters of Arts in Teaching Social Studies from Stony Brook University, becoming a certified social studies..."
Pranjal J. Tutors Statistics + 36 others
Birla Institute of Technology & Science 2015 - Mathematics, Computer Science
"...including numerical analysis, Image Processing, Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures and algorithms. I have been..."
Blake W. Tutors Statistics + 39 others
Harvard University 2013 - Mathematics
"...high school math and introductory college courses (statistics, multivariable calc/linear algebra.) I enjoy teaching..."
Oscar P. Tutors Statistics + 31 others
The University of Texas at Austin 2013 - Mathematics
"...also tutor linear algebra, probability, and introductory statistics. I also have experience proofreading essays in both..."
Andy G. Tutors Statistics + 20 others
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 2016 - Aerospace Engineering
", I tutored middle and high school students in both maths and physics. In addition, I am currently part of a project..."
Jaryd R. Tutors Statistics + 30 others
University of South Florida 2014 - Mathematics
"...classmates and friends sought help and tutoring with their math courses from the get go of college. This was a casual..."
Sarah C. Tutors Statistics + 42 others
Harvard University 2013 - Biomedical Engineering
"...Economics (both macro and micro). At college, I taught Math from the 4th to 8th grade level to recent immigrant..."
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