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Statistics Questions:

Chapter 13, Exercise 13.32: Sheila's doctor is concerned that she may suffer from…

Complete Question Text:

Chapter 13, Exercise 13.32:
Sheila's doctor is concerned that she may suffer from gestational diabetes (high blood glucose levels during pregnancy). There is a variation both in the actual glucose level and in the blood test that measures the level. A patient is classified as having gestational diabetes if her glucose level is above 140 mg/dl one hour after a sugary drink. Sheila's measured glucose level one hour after drinking a sugary drink varies according to the Normal distribution with u=125 mg/dl and o=10 mg/dl.
(a) If a single glucose measurement is made, what is the probability that Sheila is diagnosed as having gestational diabetes?
(b) If measurements are made on 4 separate days and the mean result is compared with the criterion 140 mg/dl, what is the probability that Sheila us diagnosed as having gestational diabetes?

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