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Statistics Questions:

In the two upcoming basketball games, the probability that UTC will defeat…

Complete Question Text:

In the two upcoming basketball games, the probability that UTC will defeat Marshall is 0.63, and the probability that UTC will defeat Furman is 0.55. The probability that UTC will defeat both opponents is 0.3465.

a. What is the probability that UTC defeats Furman given that they defeat Marshall?

b. Are the outcomes of the games independent? Explain and substantiate your answer.

c. What is the probability that UTC wins at least one of the games?

d. What is the probability of UTC winning both games?

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Jamie B. Tutors Statistics + 42 others
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" Masters at Harvard in Applied Math, taking graduate statistics, fluid and solid mechanics, and biological signal..."
Steve X. Tutors Statistics + 24 others
Cornell University 2014 - Applied Economics Management
" college accounting and marketing classes. Economics, statistics, and accounting tutoring are my specialty. I am always..."

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