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    Our lesson space lets you use video, audio or text. Upload any assignment and work through it together.

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    Anyone can try InstaEDU for up to 2 hours for free. After that, rates start at just 40¢/minute.

About InstaEDU

What is InstaEDU?

InstaEDU is the world’s top online tutoring service. We connect students with tutors from top universities, combining the convenience of working online with the quality of in-person tutoring. On InstaEDU, students can get last-minute help, do regular lessons throughout the semester, or connect when a quick question arises during an assignment. Our individually screened tutors cover more than 2,500 subjects, ranging from basic subjects to AP material to advanced college courses.

Who we are

InstaEDU was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs: Alison Johnston Rue, Dan Johnston and Joey Shurtleff. Prior to founding InstaEDU, Alison and Dan (siblings) founded and sold an in-home tutoring company, and while running it, realized that technology could play a role in making tutoring more accessible and more affordable. Today, InstaEDU has more than 20 employees and has raised two rounds of funding, led by The Social+Capital Partnership and Battery Ventures.

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Alison Johnston Rue

Alison is the CEO and cofounder of InstaEDU. She got hooked on startups in college as an early intern at Box. Prior to cofounding InstaEDU, she also worked at Aardvark, Nextdoor and Google. Alison loves to travel and has a disturbingly large collection of hot sauces. You can follow Alison on Twitter at @ajalison.

Dan Johnston

Dan is the COO and cofounder of InstaEDU. In addition to 7 years of tutoring experience, Dan has worked in outdoor advertising, enterprise storage, and even spent a summer managing a trampoline warehouse. He's a big sports fan and especially likes the Trailblazers, Red Sox and Stanford Football. He also enjoys a day on the links, but has the highest handicap of any golf enthusiast you've met.

Sophie Ramatici

Sophie is InstaEDU's Community Manager (and was our very first employee). She works closely with our members to learn how we can make InstaEDU as helpful as possible (reach her at She's also a serial philanthropist, having worked with Catholic Charities, the Redwood Club, and Women's Initiative for Self Employment.

Claire Hubbard

Claire is InstaEDU's Student Success Manager. She works directly with students, parents, and tutors to constantly improve user experience (contact her at A Baltimore native, and San Francisco transplant, Claire is completely obsessed with everything Bay Area. Don't be fooled though, when it comes to football season she'll be cheering for the Ravens.

Laura Oppenheimer

Laura is in charge of getting the word out about InstaEDU. A Bay Area native, she's previously held positions at Formspring, OpenDNS and Ning. When not sitting in front of a computer, Laura likes eating at fancy restaurants and training for half marathons.

Alan Sheu

Alan is the Lead Product Designer at InstaEDU. He is a recent transplant from St. Louis and spends his time at work designing the user experience and interface of InstaEDU. Outside of work, Alan enjoys listening to jazz, exploring the many food options in San Francisco, and musing about when he should get a corgi.

Joey Shurtleff

Joey is the CTO and cofounder of InstaEDU. He leads the charge in building awesome new features for InstaEDU. Previously, he was the CTO and cofounder of Veechi, spent time as a professional poker player, and worked as a software engineer at Citrusleaf. Joey drinks more Coke Zero than anyone you've ever met, and likes helping computer science students on InstaEDU.

Riley Watkins

Riley was InstaEDU's first engineering hire after we lured him away from rainy Portland, Oregon. He built our very first prototype and now works on features across InstaEDU. When he's not busy improving the product, Riley enjoys playing the drums.

Jay Farrimond

Jay is InstaEDU's Tech Ops guru. He makes sure the site is solid and scaling to handle each and every student who wants help. Previously Jay worked on the engineering teams at Lolapps, Rackspace and KCI. When he's not dreaming about servers, Jay enjoys riding his bicycle.

Chris Barmonde

Chris is the remote addition to our engineering team, based out of the Philippines. He moved to Oakland from Las Vegas to work at Formspring before finding his way to InstaEDU. In his free time, he strums awkwardly at his acoustic guitar, starts mosh pits at punk rock shows, and yells at hockey players on TV.

Daniel Guilak

Daniel is an engineer at InstaEDU who originally hails from the Portland area. A graduate of the University of Puget Sound (double major in CS and Chemistry, with a minor in Math), Daniel can be found playing a competitive game of racquetball or struggling through a New York Times crossword puzzle when he isn't at work.

Dmitry Mazin

Originally from Russia, Dmitry got his degree in Applied Math from UC Berkeley while interning at InstaEDU. Finally where his heart belongs, Dmitry is now a front-end engineer, helping make InstaEDU a great experience for tutors and students alike. In his free time, Dmitry attempts to learn foreign languages, makes music, and paints, usually by accident on his clothes.

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Jessica is InstaEDU's Director of Data Science. In this role, she works across many teams, helping product, engineering and marketing make smarter, more data-informed decisions. Prior to joining the InstaEDU team she was a data diva for Yammer and an astrophysicist at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. When she isn't crunching numbers for InstaEDU, Jessica enjoys salsa dancing, cooking, and running half marathons.

Alberto Aroeste

Alberto is InstaEDU’s Marketing Associate and loves working on new ways to grow InstaEDU. When he's not working on creative projects, you can probably find him out cheering on Stanford football, supporting Mexico's national soccer team, and going to live concerts all around the Bay Area.

Kate Breña

Kate is InstaEDU's Business Manager. She makes sure InstaEDU runs as smooth as possible, managing everything from recruiting and HR to office events. Originally from London, Kate made the decision to to move out West after spending a few years dealing with Boston winters. Now here, she is enjoying great nearby hiking and the incredible selection of taquerías.

Bradford Toney

Bradford is a software engineer at InstaEDU. Prior to joining InstaEDU, Bradford helped found and grow two other startups Medigram (YC W11/StartX) and TrekSeat. Bradford is originally from Spokane. When not programming, he loves tinkering and learning.

Juan Martinez

Juan is one of InstaEDU's Customer Support Specialists. He works directly with students, parents, and tutors to constantly improve user experience (contact him at Juan hails from the small town of San Juan Bautista, California. He enjoys playing soccer, screenwriting, the performing arts, and recently took an interest in quantum mechanics and exoplanet discovery.

Eric Zarowny

Eric is a software engineer at InstaEDU. Originally from the Chicago area, Eric was the CTO of mPlexus, a medical software company, prior to joining InstaEDU. He has a computer engineering degree from Purdue. Favorites include spending time both on his bike and with his corgi.