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Student Testimonials

What our students have to say about their favorite tutors on InstaEDU

"Stephanie was great! Really patient, went above and beyond to help me out. Would definitely recommend."

- Review for a Physics lesson with Stephanie W.
Charles J University of Chicago

"Incredibly thorough! Went in depth and left items open ended to allow me to work through the problems myself."

- Review for a Statistics lesson with Charles J.
Gabriella B Columbia University

"She will walk through every detail in the problem with you. Highly recommend!"

- Review for a Geometry lesson with Gabriella B.
Adam S Cornell University

"Adam helped me with an AP US History discussion. We got the work done fast and I understood what I was doing. Thanks Adam!!!"

- Review for a US History lesson with Adam S.

Media Recognition

Independent coverage and reviews of InstaEDU

9 Dependable Destinations for Online Tutoring

Source: Mashable
InstaEDU listed as #1

"With a team of 3,000 college student tutors, InstaEDU lets you hire a tutor by the minute in typical classroom topics such as math and science, or more advanced topics such as econometrics and Javascript programming."

The Invasion of the Online Tutors

InstaEDU named fastest at connecting students to tutors

"[InstaEDU tutors are] current students at top universities who have teaching or tutoring experience. On-demand requests are sent first to the highest rated tutor."

5 Ways to Find Academic Help in an Online Course

InstaEDU recommended for students taking tough online courses

"InstaEDU pairs both online and traditional students with student tutors from some of the best universities around the country."

Top Ten Reviews

Source: Top Ten Reviews
InstaEDU a top pick for the best online tutoring service

"InstaEDU tutoring service offers a wide variety of subjects with qualified and screened tutors that are available 24/7. The site has top-notch security for safety and protection. A combination of qualified tutors and great pricing plans earn the program our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award."

The Future of College Tutoring

Source: College Cures
InstaEDU recommended for college students needing outside help

"I wish I had something like InstaEDU available when I was in college — especially when I was having lots of trouble figuring out my economics homework."