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    Never get stuck on homework again. InstaEDU has awesome tutors instantly available around the clock.

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    Our lesson space lets you use video, audio or text. Upload any assignment and work through it together.

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    Anyone can try InstaEDU for up to 2 hours for free. After that, rates start at just 40¢/minute.

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What our tutors say

Jessica J.

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2013

"InstaEDU is fantastic because it gives you the opportunity to help others who are in a position that you were once in: trying to learn tough new concepts. You can tutor whenever you want, for whatever subject you want, on your own schedule. If you are busier one week, you can choose not to tutor at all. If you have more time the following week, you can tutor more."

Jordan S.

University of Notre Dame, Class of 2015

"I love the fact that it connects to my Facebook/Gchat. As a college student, I'm almost always on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or other social networks, so I love that I can have the opportunity to help others on demand (and the money isn't bad either!)"

How it works

1. Tell us about yourself

After you sign up with Facebook Connect, we'll confirm your school, learn about your areas of expertise, and get to know a little about you and your teaching ability.

2. Register a chat client you already use

Connect with us on Gchat so we can easily send you lesson opportunities and messages from students whenever you're online.

3. Tutor on your schedule

Students will be able to view your profile and message you to set up lessons. InstaEDU will also send you immediate lesson opportunities via chat.

4. Make extra spending money

You'll make $20/hour for the time you spend working with students and get paid seamlessly online.