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    Our lesson space lets you use video, audio or text. Upload any assignment and work through it together.

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    Anyone can try InstaEDU for up to 2 hours for free. After that, rates start at just 40¢/minute.

Tutor FAQ

Signing Up

Who can tutor for InstaEDU?

Anyone with previous teaching, tutoring or instruction experience is encouraged to submit their information. Tutors must be at least 18 years of age and either be currently enrolled in or have graduated from college. While the majority of our tutors are U.S.-based, great tutors from all locations are welcome.

How do I become a tutor?

There are 3 quick steps in the tutor signup process:

  1. Visit and click Connect with Facebook. Fill out some basic additional info, including prefered contact information.
  2. Indicate which subjects you would like to tutor.
  3. Complete a brief screen about your tutoring experience and interests.

From there, your information will be reviewed. If you look like a good fit for InstaEDU, your profile will be added to the site and you'll be able to begin tutoring.

Why do I need to register with Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect allows InstaEDU to streamline the expert signup process. It also helps us verify your identity and school(s) of association. We will never post anything to your Facebook without your explicit permission.

What permissions am I granting with Facebook Connect?

  1. Access my basic information: This allows InstaEDU to seamlessly create your expert account without requiring you to fill out a bunch of fields.
  2. Access my education history: We use this information to help confirm your university affiliations.
  3. Post to my wall and post to my friends' walls: We'll never post to your wall without your explicit permission or spam your friends, but this makes it easier for you to share things from InstaEDU if you choose to do so.

What should I do if I don't have a Facebook account?

Currently, you must have a Facebook account to be a tutor. In the future, we'll likely add other ways to sign up, so check back in a month or two!

Tutoring Basics

How do I get students to tutor?

There are two ways that you'll get new students to work with:

  1. Direct messages from students: Students will be able to see your profile on InstaEDU and send you messages. If you're online and on Facebook or Gchat, we'll send you a chat message to let you know. Otherwise, you'll be notified via email. You'll be able to communicate with the student on and easily set up times to meet.
  2. Immediate lesson requests: When a student requests an immediate lesson, InstaEDU sends Facebook and Gchat messages to a handful of tutors who are currently online. If you receive one of these messages and are available to tutor, quickly click the link to accept the lesson. If you're not available, just ignore the message.

By getting positive ratings from students and being responsive, you'll be able to move your way up the priority rankings. Our best tutors show up first in search results and get messaged about lesson opportunities most frequently.

How do I begin a lesson?

If you've scheduled the lesson in advance, simply log in to InstaEDU when your lesson is scheduled to start. You'll see a large button to join the lesson space.

If you want to accept an immediate lesson that you received via chat, just click the link in the message. You'll be asked to confirm that you're ready for the lesson; once you do, you'll be taken to the lesson space.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

Not at all. We have tutors who teach as little as 20 minutes per month and others who tutor many times a day. It's completely up to you! You always have the choice to accept or turn down a lesson. However, once you accept a lesson, you are expected to work with the student until their questions have been answered.

Can I stop receiving tutoring requests?

If you would like to take a break from receiving requests to tutor, it's easy to disable them when you're signed in to your account.


How much are tutors paid?

Currently all tutors are paid $20/hour (in one-minute increments) for time spent in a lesson with students. As a courtesy to our tutors, we require a minimum lesson length of 5 minutes (ie if you connect with a student and answer their question in 2 minutes, you'll still be paid for 5).

How often are tutors paid?

Tutors are paid after every lesson. You should receive your money within a week.

How are tutors paid?

Once you finish filling out your profile, you'll be able to to set up your payment information on your homepage. You may choose to be paid via direct deposit or PayPal.