How It Works

InstaEDU makes it easy to find a great tutor and connect instantly

  • Connect with the perfect tutor, anytime 24/7

    Never get stuck on homework again. InstaEDU has awesome tutors instantly available around the clock.

  • Work together with the best lesson tools

    Our lesson space lets you use video, audio or text. Upload any assignment and work through it together.

  • Try it free—then lock in a super low rate

    Anyone can try InstaEDU for up to 2 hours for free. After that, rates start at just 40¢/minute.

We learn best from each other

That’s our core belief at InstaEDU. It’s why we built a product that connects people wanting to learn with people wanting to teach. It’s why we have a team culture built on collaboration and trust.

Daily morning standup meeting Spirited games of ping-pong

We are a close-knit team of thinkers,
tinkerers, and creators

We grab lunch together every day. We have weekly brainstorms where everyone contributes ideas across teams. We have happy hour every Friday. We lose a lot to Joey at ping pong.

Fun company outings Catered company lunches

We value...

Awesome, interesting people. Do you fit the following description? We want to meet you!

  • You like working with others—you understand that the best solutions don’t develop in isolation
  • You are driven by curiosity and the desire to learn, and you like moving fast
  • You’re a little quirky—in a good way :)

Join Our Team

If you thrive on collaboration, love thinking creatively, and enjoy challenging, meaningful work, come work at InstaEDU. You’ll join a team of like-minded individuals who inspire one another, love working together, and are passionate about building a product with real impact. You’ll enjoy plenty of perks like working with a close-knit team, Friday happy hours, monthly events and great benefits.

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