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What does this mean?

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Dan W. Tutors SSAT + 24 others
Yale University 2015 - Cognitive Science
"Since my first semester at Yale, I've loved tutoring students weekly at a local organization "New Haven Reads." I've been..."
Jody K. Tutors Literature + 21 others
Medical College of Wisconsin 2013 - M.A., Bioethics, humanities emphasis
"I currently teach literature and writing at Mount Mary University. With more than seven years' experience with teaching and..."
Drew J. Tutors Basic Science + 15 others
Columbia University 2017 - Economics
"I have experience tutoring through my National Honor Society tutoring program, which I worked with junior and senior years in..."
Richard P. Tutors SAT + 13 others
The University of Chicago 2017 - Economics
"I have tutored students in math and English since eighth grade and throughout high school at Kumon, a tutoring company. In..."
John H. Tutors Law + 12 others
Pepperdine University School of Law 2014 - Law
"I have been a college English teacher, and also received my high school teaching credential in 2007. Writing, Literature,..."
Neha K. Tutors SAT II Mathematics Level 1 + 20 others
Kirori Mal College 2009 - Post Graduate in HR, B.Sc, B.Ed.
"I have an experience of more than 5 years. I have been teaching: - Algebra 1 ( English ) Geometry ( English..."
Dian B. Tutors ACT (English) + 16 others
University of Wyoming 1995 - Music-Performance, Music-Theory/Composition
"Following my second year of college I worked for a tutoring agency in the Bay Area of California. My students ranged in age..."
Rachel G. Tutors Algebra + 18 others
University of Pennsylvania 2014 - Geology
"I taught a geology lab course with 20 students in Fall 2013, and I have tutored math and english one-on-one since high..."
Christopher U. Tutors Physics + 8 others
Texas Tech University 2014 - Mechanical Engineering
"My passion is for engineering, mathematics, and science. I have been tutoring at the college level since 2003. My ambition..."
Sarah C. Tutors MCAT + 42 others
Harvard University 2013 - Biomedical Engineering
"It has been quite varied. Starting in high school, and the summer before college, I taught to groups of 4-7 students GCE 'A'..."
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