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What does this mean?

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Andrew Q. Tutors SSAT + 50 others
University of Chicago 2011 - Philosophy
"I first began tutoring eight years ago, and my first full-time teaching position came five years ago. By now, I have taught..."
Grant W. Tutors SAT + 49 others
Princeton University 2013 - English
"I currently teach in the English Department at Columbia University.  Previously, I tutored writing at Rutgers and was a..."
Brian G. Tutors SAT II German + 10 others
Brown University 2013 - Linguistics, Classics
"I recently completed a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), which involved teaching 6 of my own..."
Christopher H. Tutors Physics + 14 others
University of Chicago 2016 - Physics
"I am a second year physics undergraduate student. I'm looking at becoming a professor in the future. I've been tutoring for..."
Tina G. Tutors Nursing + 20 others
Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey 2017 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
"I have 5+ years experience in teaching at University level.I have conducted classes for undergraduate students teaching..."
Joanne S. Tutors SAT (writing) + 17 others
University of Georgia 2015 - Psychology
"I have been a freelance tutor for about 9 years. I started in high school tutoring in mathematics and have a science-focused..."
KT M. Tutors Physics + 1 others
Cornell University 1983 - Physics
"During grad school, I served for two years as a teaching assistant for several introductory university courses. As a Federal..."
Chris L. Tutors Calculus + 22 others
Columbia University 2016 - Econ-Math
"I've tutored individuals in high school for two years. I've also taught entire classes of children in China on behalf of..."
Seth P. Tutors Writing + 17 others
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 2010 - Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
"I have a BS in Materials Science and Engineering, and an MS in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I worked at Intel..."
Mohammad P. Tutors Calculus + 21 others
UCLA 2014 - Applied Mathematics / BS in Nuclear Phys...
"Math and Physics tutor at UCLA: 2012 - Present Math and Physics Tutor at Tutor Doctor: ..."
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