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online tutor Georgia Institute of Technology Geometry (College Advanced) Trigonometry GRE College Admissions Basic Math tutoring
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Nair C.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2017

Major: Materials Science and Engineering

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Teaching Experience

I am currently a Teaching Assistant at Georgia Tech for Electronic Materials Course. I have also had past teaching experiences in tutoring students for math.

Extracurricular Interests

I am from India. I did my undergrad major in Polymers and minor in Chemical Engineering. I am currently a PhD student in Materials Science and Engg at Georgia Tech and my research is focused on materials for integrated circuit packages. I like playing chess and many outdoor games especially cricket.... I have had a great teaching experience and I always encourage students to push forward to achieve a extra bit than others...

Calculus (College Intro) "Very knowledgeable "
Probability (College Level) "The answer he gave is wrong"
Linear Algebra
Physical Chemistry (College Level) This is a review for a written lesson.
Chemistry This is a review for a written lesson.
Materials Science

Subject: Physical Chemistry (College Level)

Someone asked:

.) A two-level system has a ground level with four degenerate states and an excited level with two degenerate states at 600cm-1 above the ground level. What fraction of the molecules are in the upper level at T=0 or 1 K?
ii.) If we ignore zero point energy corrections, why are the vibrational partition functions close to one at room temperature (physical reason, not just math)?

Nair responded:

Please find the attached answers and try to understand the general concepts of statistical thermodynamics from this which will help you in solving other problems as well...

  • physical chemistry.docx This attachment has been locked.


Subject: Chemistry

Someone asked:

1.Which of the following compounds has the highest boiling point?
a. CH4

2.Draw the lewis structure for BrO3-. What is the shape of this compound?
trigonal planar
trigonal pyramidal

3.Draw the lewis dot structure for CH2Cl2. Is this molecule polar?
This molecule is nonpolar
This molecule is polar, with the negative end of the dipole near the two chlorines.
This molecule is polar, with the negative end of the dipole near the two hydrogens.

4.What is the formal charge on the phosphorous in PCl5?

5.Which of the following molecules is able to form hydrogen bonds?
All of the above

6.Question 6 1 pts Which of the following molecules should have the highest boiling point?
Which of the following molecules should have the highest boiling point?

7.Question 7 1 pts How many total resonance structures should be drawn for the Lewis Structure of the nitrate ion?
How many total resonance structures should be drawn for the Lewis Structure of the nitrate ion?
One - No resonance
Two structures
Three structures
Four structures

8.Consider the molecule sulfur dioxide. What is the approximate bond angle between the two oxygens attached to the center sulfur atom?

9.Which of these has the highest volatility?
Water at 10ºC
CH3CH2OH at 10ºC
CH3CH2OH at 50ºC
CH3OH at 10ºC
CH3OH at 50ºC

10.You have 3 identical drops (identical in size, shape, temperature, and environment, etc):
1 drop of ethanol (CH3CH2OH), 1 drop of methanol (CH3OH), 1 drop of isopropanol (CH3CH(OH)CH3).

Which drop lasts the longest? Or restated: which is the last drop to evaporate fully?


Nair responded:

Here's the attached answer file....

  • chemistry.pdf This attachment has been locked.

Subject: Chemistry

Someone asked:

I put the question as an attachment.

Nair responded:

Please find the attached answer file

  • chemistry problem set.pdf This attachment has been locked.


Subject: Materials Science

Someone asked:

For a metal matrix composite of SiC fibers in a Nb-20 wt%W matrix, determine the following.

1. Calculate the density of SiC, which forms the zinc blende (ZnS) structure with a lattice parameter of 4.36 Å

2. Calculate the density of a solid solution of Nb-20 wt% W. The solution is BCC with rave = XNb∙rNb + XW∙rW, where XNb and XW are the ATOMIC fractions of W and Mo, respectively. The atomic radii of Nb and W are 1.43 Å and 1.37 Å, respectively.

3. Calculate the VOLUME percent SiC in the composite if the MASS % SiC is 25 wt%.

Nair responded:

Please find the attached file...

Subject: Statistics

Someone asked:

I need help with 1.6 and 1.7~

Nair responded:

Please see the rough ideas to the solution and try to solve them on your own ...You can always contact me if you have any doubts

  • problem set 1.docx This attachment has been locked.

Subject: Pre-Algebra

InstaEDU asked:

What is Pre-Algebra?

Nair responded:

Study of numbers, decimal fractions, ratios ,etc.. that help you to build fundamentals to solve the complex problems of algebra....All these are very important and also much fun...

Subject: Geometry

InstaEDU asked:

What is Geometry?

Nair responded:

Geometry is the study about shapes and so is much fun.....A very interesting subject to study where once you learn the basic theorems you can start designing new shapes; apply those theorems and find interesting results ...Its all about playing with Math...Explore your creativity....

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