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Teaching Experience

I have spent 8 years tutoring. I began in high school, where I regularly tutored in math, writing, reading, and French, among other subjects, and continued in college. Along the way, I sometimes tutored students in standardized test-taking, public policy, finance, economics and econometrics, Russian, data analysis, and other subjects.

Extracurricular Interests

I was born and raised in Chicago, my favorite city in the whole wide world -- so much so that I stayed here for college (University of Chicago). I am double-majoring in economics and public policy with a minor in French, and also participate in a competitive business program on campus.
I love dancing flamenco and teach and choreograph it on campus. I sing with a Russian folk choir and do a lot of work off-campus with Chicago's Russian community. I love reading and writing short stories in my spare time, as well as traveling, cooking, and taking photographs around Chicago.

Top Subjects


I tutored algebra for four years in high school and still occasionally teach students informally.

Basic Math

I have tutored basic math for the past 10 years or so, both formally in school and informally.


I have tutored beginning and intermediate levels of French reading, writing, and speaking for the past 10 years or so, both formally in school and informally.


I have tutored pre-algebra for the past 8 years or so, both formally in school and informally.


I am a native Russian speaker and read and write fluently in the language. I have tutored in this subject, formally and informally

Standardized Test Results


  • Aggregate: 2170
  • Math: 710
  • Reading: 670
  • Writing: 790


  • Aggregate: 34
Excel "Very helpful with data extrapolation."
Writing "great "
Communication "Tried to help"
Economics "didn't give me the right information"
Operations Management "She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoyed chatting with her and she definitely helped get the ball rolling on my writer's block. Thanks Sonya!"
1-10 of 14 Reviews

Subject: English

Someone asked:

Fix my resume up

  • Mahmoud Resume.doc This attachment has been locked.

Sonya responded:

Read the comments carefully and let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

  • Mahmoud Ayesh resume.doc This attachment has been locked.

Subject: Russian

InstaEDU asked:

Why study Russian?

Sonya responded:

Russian is among the most difficult languages in the world. Beginning with a totally different alphabet and ending with numerous grammatical rules that don't exist in English, Russian is a complex but absolutely fascinating language. In these days of international economics and global conflict, it is becoming a useful language on the political, social, and economic arenas.

Subject: ACT

InstaEDU asked:

Why study ACT?

Sonya responded:

The ACT is, along with the SAT, a popular standardized test, which many colleges require during the admissions process. Simpler and more straightforward than the SAT, it consists of English, Reading, Math, and Science sections. It is not difficult to prepare for this exam, but practice in advance of test day is recommended.

Subject: GRE

InstaEDU asked:

Why study GRE?

Sonya responded:

More and more, the GRE is becoming an important assessment used by graduate schools during their admission processes. Lying between the SAT and the GMAT on the difficulty spectrum, it is much more linear than the GMAT, but slightly more logic-based that the SAT. Students will most likely end up taking the GRE at some point during their college careers, especially if they plan to attend a Masters/PhD program of study (and even business schools have started to accept GRE scores).

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