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    Never get stuck on homework again. InstaEDU has awesome tutors instantly available around the clock.

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    Our lesson space lets you use video, audio or text. Upload any assignment and work through it together.

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    Anyone can try InstaEDU for up to 2 hours for free. After that, rates start at just 40¢/minute.

It’s easy! Here’s how it works

  • 1 Tell us what you're
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    You can get help with any subject -- from exponential equations to expository essays.

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  • 3 Connect in our online
    lesson space.

    You'll be able to chat, use video, upload documents and write on a shared whiteboard.

What our students say about their tutors

"He is very patient and knowledgeable, which makes asking questions, especially about tough subjects, that much easier."
Tutor: Nathan C., Johns Hopkins University
"Julie was very helpful from the beginning to end of our session and broke down the questions into simple terms that helped me understand."
Tutor: Julie C., Yale University
"Was knowledgeable and explained the subjects really well. She helped me understand everything and was very funny."
Tutor: Dorcas H., Columbia University
"Incredible tutor, very knowledgeable of the subject and helps you fully understand each problem before moving on."
Tutor: Richard P., The University of Chicago
"She was patient, explained everything very thoroughly, and I left my tutoring session with a clear understanding of the material!"
Tutor: Kaitlin F., University of Michigan
"He was super helpful and described everything beautifully! An absolute wizard of Physics. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
Tutor: Mohammad P., UCLA
"Olivia is a great tutor! I plan to work with her in the future."
Tutor: Olivia V., Yale University
"Kevin was incredibly knowledgeable and had answers for all of my questions. I will most definitely be using him as a resource again."
Tutor: Kevin K., University of Notre Dame
"Awesome tutor! Really helpful and explains concepts in a clear, understandable way. :)"
Tutor: Rachel G., University of Pennsylvania
"Chris was a great help! I l felt like I learned more during our session than I do in class!"
Tutor: Chris L., Columbia University
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