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What our students say about their tutors

"Very good and helpful tutor. Explained concepts better than my professor."
Tutor: David R., State University of New York at Brockport
"Extremely helpful in helping me revise and make corrections to my essay! Highly recommended."
Tutor: Meg S., University of Pennsylvania
"So helpful and clear on breaking down assignments, gives good suggestion."
Tutor: Maria K., The University of Edinburgh
"Amazing tutor, really guides me in the right direction would recommend!"
Tutor: Zaq M., Harvard University
"I liked that John helped me and showed me what to do instead of just telling me. Thanks!"
Tutor: John H., Pepperdine University School of Law
"He was super helpful and described everything beautifully! An absolute wizard of Physics. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
Tutor: Mohammad P., UCLA
"Olivia is a great tutor! I plan to work with her in the future."
Tutor: Olivia V., Yale University
"He really helped in explaining complicated topics."
Tutor: Jaryd R., University of South Florida
"Because of her, I feel more confident in my writing skills."
Tutor: Katie C., Cornell University
"Zachary is sharp and fun to work with. This guy is the real deal."
Tutor: Zachary M., Tufts University
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